Set of Two Hotline Hair Ties Hair Coils | NiftyTransfers

Set of Two Hotline Hair Ties Hair Coils | NiftyTransfers

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2 pieces: Jazzy Snowflake
2 pieces: Glamour Blossom
2 pieces: Vista Violet
2 pieces: Rising Aqua
2 pieces: Ocean Gel
2 pieces: Pop Pink
2 pieces: Chrome Pink
2 pieces: Metallic Lilac
2 pieces: Tempting Teal
2 pieces: Sea Metal
2 pieces: Metallic Chrome
2 pieces: Metallic Bubble
2 pieces: Metallic Pearl
2 pieces: Metallic Goldilocks
2 pieces: Metallic Copper
2 pieces: Matte Grape
2 pieces: Matte Midnight Sky
2 pieces: Matte Cranberry Wine
2 pieces: Matte Seal of Approval
2 pieces: Matte Black Like My Soul
2 pieces: Glossy Glam
2 pieces: Glossy B&W
2 pieces: Glossy Popcorn Spots
2 pieces: Glossy Brown Boho
2 pieces: Glossy Black Like My Soul

Pick a pair for your hair! 

These Hotline hair ties are the perfect accessory. They're super strong and will hold together even the messiest of messy buns. Because of their coiled design, Hotline coils grip hair firmly without pulling, tearing, or creasing.

They also make great fillers for subscription boxes, thank you gifts for customers, or freebies to go in with orders. 

Sold in sets of 2 of each color.

For shipping calculations, one set of two hair coils equals one "screenprint" (25 or less transfers ship for a flat $6, then each additional 25 transfers adds $3 more. Shipping prices max out at $15).

Orders ship from Omaha, Nebraska.

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