Orders with all Ready to Ship (RTS) ship in 3 days or less

Shipping & Returns

  • Screenprint Transfers: Shipping costs are based on the number of transfers purchased. 25 or less $6 shipping; 26-51 transfers ship for $9; 52-77 transfers ship for $12, and 78 or more transfers ship for $15. (Jewelry items are based on the number of items as well: 0-25, 26-50, etc.)
  • Blank Shirts, Clothing, and Face Covers: Shipping costs are based on weight. Weight-based shipping items must be ordered separately from screenprints/jewelry or you will receive an error message at checkout about an address. 
  • Gray fleece blankets: Shipping costs are included in the price. Gray fleece blankets must be ordered separately from other items. 
  • ORDERS ARE SHIPPED USPS (or sometimes UPS, for heavier orders). 
  • Local pickup in Omaha is available. Contact us for information. 
Our screenprinted transfers are professionally printed with top of the line inks, papers, and equipment. As such, any application errors will be your responsibility and no refunds or replacements will be given. You are responsible for ensuring that you use the correct equipment, pressure, materials, substrate colors, and fiber content. All sales are final.