About Us

I’m Tara, owner of NiftyTransfers. Welcome! 

I’ve always been a right-brain, creative (and quirky) type, and in 2017 I started my first business: The Nifty Narwhal. 

I love making things that make people smile. I started with jewelry and metal stamping, and eventually found my way to sublimation, and then screen printed transfers. 

In early 2020 I started NiftyTransfers alongside The Nifty Narwhal to sell screen printed designs to other business owners and shirt makers. 

Customer service, quick turn-around-times, and our massive selection of screen printed transfers set us apart from the rest!

We’re located in the Midwest (Omaha, Nebraska, to be exact) and ship all over the United States. 

Thanks for taking a look at NiftyTransfers!