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Posted on March 21 2021

The Scoop on Storing Screenprint Transfers | NiftyTransfers

How long do screenprint transfers last? How to prepare them for long-term storage?

Here are some helpful tips (some of the links below are affiliate links)

Once you start buying screenprint transfers, you probably won't be able to stop! With the right equipment (see "What Heat Press Should I Buy?") they're super easy to add to shirts, tote bags, blankets, can holders, and more. 

For short-term storage you can organize screenprint transfers pretty much any way you'll know where to find them when you need them. Some people organize by vendor, or by time/temp instructions (low heat vs. high heat, for example), alphabetically, or by season/holiday. 

A lot of people keep their transfers in scrapbook albums or totes since they usually fit 12" x 12" sizes.  

Cardboard mailboxes are surprisingly sturdy (mine was a total pain to assemble, but I still like it) and can hold lots of transfers, the only downside is they usually aren't big enough to hold the large 12" transfers.  

We have a few of these: they're big enough to hold the 12" transfers and they have wheels. The only drawback for us is that the main part of the shelves are made with fabric so they're not the strongest thing. 

My all time ultimate favorite is the Simply Tidy modular shelf unit from Michaels. They're big enough to hold all of our transfers, you can adjust the shelves, attach them together, stack them, and add other components, like cubes or even a board that makes a desktop. 

LONG TERM STORAGE: Need to store things until next season? When properly stored, screenprint transfers can last a few years! Make sure there is no moisture (we have a dehumidifier going year round) and store transfers inside plastic, then inside a dark place. Resealable bags inside "pizza" or "literature" boxes are great. Add some silica gel packets too. 

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