•Orders with all-RTS ship in 3 days or less• LOW HEAT: 325-350 degrees F, med-high pressure, for 7-10 sec, hot peel / HIGH HEAT: 350-375 degrees F, high pressure, for 7-10 sec, hot peel

Screenprint Transfer: TALK MURDER TO ME SKU#255

Screenprint Transfer: TALK MURDER TO ME | NiftyTransfers

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Talk Murder To Me screenprint (white)  

You are purchasing a screenprint transfer ONLY (a special piece of paper with a design on it). You will NOT receive a shirt or any other items pictured in the example. Because these designs are made with high quality paper and are professionally screen printed, no refunds or returns are offered. No exceptions. I will provide the transfer and the rest is up to you :) You will be responsible for ensuring that you use the correct equipment, pressure, materials, substrates, colors, fabric type, and so on. Any application errors will be YOUR responsibility and NO refunds or replacements will be given. These are just a few of the screenprint aspects you will need to be aware of, not a comprehensive list.

This transfer has "Talk Murder To Me" in a floral framed banner. The screenprint design is all white. Each transfer is good for ONE press only. Your transfer(s) will be mailed to your physical address via USPS. No digital files or downloads are provided. 

WORKS WITH: 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, or 100% polyester.

DIRECTIONS: Press at 325-350 F degrees for 7-10 seconds, 60 PSI, hot peel.

MEASUREMENTS: The white design measures approximately 11" across x 9" tall.

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